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50 years
of service!

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July 2024

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About Us

The Great Commission is Our Mission

Bible Camping, Inc. is a missions-based camping ministry existing to lovingly confront each camper with his or her need of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in salvation and to encourage each one to a life of obedience and service to Him, in the church, for His glory. 


Doctrinal Statement


Bible Camping, Inc. and its organizations of ministry, Red Cliff Bible Camp and Summit Trails Unlimited, were created to minister to the Church of Jesus Christ and specifically seeks to identify with the independent Baptist churches in its area. Thus, while Bible Camping, Inc. is not and will not become a church, it behooves this organization to declare itself with a specific form of doctrine and polity.

Therefore, while campers are welcome to attend either Red Cliff Bible Camp or Summit Trails Unlimited from any church background, Bible Camping, Inc. will teach Bible doctrine consistent with the Baptist distinctives.

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