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MacGill Family

Dick and Deirdre MacGill moved to Pinedale immediately after Dick graduated from Frontier School of the Bible in July of 1975. Dick and Phil Tubbs had searched together for a camp property the year before. Dick began working under the leadership of Phil from that time until Phil’s home-going in 1986. At the request of the Camp Board, Dick became director of the camp for the next four years. In 1992, Dean Loftus stepped into the position of Camp Director. Dick was then able to return to doing what he most enjoyed—building and vehicle maintenance, construction, and cooking in dutch ovens for the Red Cliff Chuck Wagon. 

During the summer of 2022 Camp Meeting, there was a retirement celebration for Dick.


Deirdre has also been a valuable asset. With her willing spirit, she has been able to do bookkeeping for the camp since 1986, run camper registration for a number of years, and even work at the Higher Grounds coffee shop!

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