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We are a mission-based camping ministry existing to lovingly confront each camper with his or her need of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in salvation and to encourage each one to a life of obedience and service to Him in the church for His glory.

Want to get involved?

Are you already familiar with the RCBC ministry and want to get involved by becoming one of our summer staff or seasonal volunteers?

Click below to see where we need support from people just like you. 

50 years
of service!

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July 2024

Make a Donation

Click the button below to make a donation to our "General Fund"!  If you'd like to donate to a specific family or fund please visit the "Learn More" button below. 

Any amount is welcomed! Thank you for your generosity.

Winter Camps

Welcome to Red Cliff Bible Camp! Join us for our exciting upcoming WINTER retreats, where you can immerse yourself in nature, connect with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow spiritually and have fun. Learn more about our Winter Camps by clicking below!

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Heading into our 50th Anniversary year in 2024, we have some fun and fulfilling camps planned starting in February! A big thank you to our staff, volunteers, and campers for another amazing year! 

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